Benefits of using Maby

Complex decisions where many individuals may have diverse pieces of information or points of view can benefit from using Maby to efficiently gather information from your team to identify key risks and issues.


Everyone's voice is heard. Diverse opinions are aired.

Shorter meetings

Quickly see what everyone really thinks.


The aggregate forecast of your team is likely more accurate than any individual.


By keeping score your team gets the feedback to improve.

Use Maby with your team

Who uses Maby?

Any organization facing challenging policy or business decisions can benefit.


Will a merger close on time?


Will a mask mandate reduce COVID cases?


Will a drug candidate make it through phase 3 trials?


What will next quarter sales be?


Maby helps your team produce accurate forecasts using our custom software, expertise in forecasting best practices, and experience making forecasting practical for busy organizations. Gain the confidence that you know the what top organizations are already doing.

Goals: We’ll work with you to identify the most important estimates for your organisation. From project completion dates, key risks, quarterly outlook projections, we compile a register of required estimates.

Training: We can offer as much or as little training as you require. For some clients, building up their in-house forecasting capacity is the most important goal. Other clients prefer monthly sessions.. Either way, we have feedback and training tools to improve your team’s forecasts, and avoid the risk of common cognitive biases which can throw off estimates.

Facilitation: We’ll gather your team and walk them through the estimates they need to make- harnessing the wisdom of your crowd. Our process and software to rapidly record, anonymise, share and aggregate information. We find that 15 minutes per topic is enough to see measurable improvement in accuracy. Want an outside view into your future timelines? We can supply expert forecasters to join your team and add their insights.

Reporting: At the end of the process, you will receive a full report of every estimate, aggregated for accuracy, with qualitative commentary drawn from your team’s comments. Each participant will receive a report of their own estimates for future review, and we can check back in and update the forecasts as new information comes to light.

Feedback and improvement: For longer run projects, we can gather multiple forecasts from your team and offer detailed feedback as forecasts resolve - from calibration to resolution to noise and bias reduction, we can help your team improve their predictive accuracy over time, creating a valuable in-house resource for you to call on any time you’re facing uncertainty.

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