Learn how to convert a decision to a forecast and use the result.

Forecasting app

Collect forecasts internally. Get the empirical feedback you need to improve.


We can help make forecasting practical for your organization.

Outsourced forecasts

We can provide 3rd party forecasts to your most important questions.


Improve your forecasts by participating in our public challenges.


Sponsor a public challenge to crowd source answers.

Using Maby with your team

Our demo video explains how to use Maby to record, aggregate, track, and improve your team's forecasts.


How effective will a policy be?


What will a company's growth rate be?

Sales Department

What will next quarter's sales be?

Why keep score?

Keeping score is the first step to improving. Learn what you're good at and what you're bad at. Find out if your discussions lead to better forecasts or to group-think.

More than just accurate forecasts

When your team forecasts on Maby meetings are more efficient, everyone is engaged, and risks are identified sooner.

10+ Years forecasting experience
83 Forecasts on Maby
4 Forecasting competitions won

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