How do I use Maby with my team?

  1. Create your own group: Clicking on "Manage" in the navbar at the top of the screen will bring you here:
  2. Click the "Create new group" button. Enter a group name & random 9 digit PIN for your group. Tell your team members the group's PIN. They can join your group by clicking "Forecast" in the navbar at the top of screen and entering the PIN. After joining your group, they will see your group listed when they click "Forecast":

  3. Ask your team a question: First select the group you want to ask. You will see the groups you own when you click "Manage". Click "Manage Questions" button under the appropriate group:
  4. From the Manage Questions page, click the "New Question" button to create a new question:

    First, you'll need to decide on the type of question you want to ask. Currently, the options are Yes/No, Point estimate, Range, or Comment Only. You can read more about these question types in the Reference Guide at the bottom of the page.

    "Text" is the question itself. "Details" is the fine print, where you might include more information about how the question will resolve. After clicking the "Create Question" button you'll see your question listed under "Unlaunched Questions".

    Clicking the "launch" button and confirming will create a forecasting round. Now, you will see your round listed under "Open Questions" and your group's members will see the question listed when they select "Forecast".

  5. See what your team really thinks: After everyone has had an opportunity to submit forecasts, you can close the forecasting round using the "close round" button on your Manage Questions page. After closing the round, members of your group will see the question listed under "Closed Rounds":
  6. Clicking on the closed round will show the anonymized forecasts of the other group members and allow users to vote for the comments they find most useful or insightful.

    You can launch a new round of the same question using the "New Round" button on your "Manage Questions" page. Members will then be able to submit new forecasts in light of others' comments. They will see an list of comments from the previous round in order of the number of votes received. You can repeat this process as many times as you like, in the same meeting or over longer periods of time.

    When the outcome to your question is known, you can resolve the question using the "Resolve" button on the "Manage Questions" page. NOTE: you can only resolve a question if all rounds are closed.

  7. Learn from the feedback: Once at least 1 Yes/No question has resolved, scoreboards, leaderboards, and calibration curves will be automatically generated. Your group members can view them under "Forecast". Over time the feedback can be used to measure if you and your team's strengths and weaknesses.

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