Our one-day seminar, limited to just 20 places, is focused on helping your team improve the outcomes of your most important and difficult decisions.

We'll focus on small-team and individual level techniques to generate fast, accurate estimates to improve decisions. By the end of the day we are confident that next time you’re making an important, complex decision, you’ll be able to:

  • Figure out which information you need to make the best decision you can
  • Aggregate the responses into conditional estimates
  • Feed those estimates back into your decision
  • Keep score and assess the improvement of the accuracy of your estimates

Sessions include:

  • Identifying key variables and writing conditional questions whose answers drive your decision making
  • Learning how to use the Delphi method to answer those questions
  • Techniques to maximise the accuracy of elicitation along with support spotting and avoiding common biases and errors
  • Hands-on practice with collaborative crowdsourcing in forecasting and analysis
  • A first glance at new decision software, free to use for participants
  • Most importantly, useful forecasts generated and updated on the day so we can measure our performance

A networking lunch is provided in order to continue the discussions throughout the day. All you need to bring is a phone, laptop or tablet, and a topic of concern to you.

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